Ding & Dent Protection

Ding Shield:

Anyone who purchases a new or used vehicle wants to maintain that “new car look” for as long as possible. With Dent Wizard’s Ding Shield Program, you can appeal to that desire with a service plan that covers ding and dent repairs.

How It Works:

Ding Shield plans are offered in terms of 36, 48 and 60 months.
Dent Wizard’s national network of certified technicians makes it possible for purchasers to have dings and dents repaired throughout the United States and in Ontario, Canada.

Assurance Program:

Dent Wizard's Assurance Vehicle Appearance Protection plan adds paint and interior leather and fabric protection to our popular Ding Shield plans. It keeps cars looking showroom new for as long as possible. With input from automotive professionals and car owners across the United States, this package is designed to protect a vehicle's appearance inside and out. It offers drivers exactly what they are looking for:
  • Repairs of dings and dents
  • Interior leather and fabric protection
  • Exterior paint protection
Dings and dents are covered by Dent Wizard. Interior and exterior protection is provided by PermaPlate, with their over two decades of vehicle appearance expertise.

Dent Wizard PDR repairs dents and dings on vehicles without affecting the original factory finish. Using specially designed tools, Dent Wizard’s trained and certified technicians reform body metal back to its original condition. Nobody does it better.

What Size Damage Can Be Repaired?
Each repair claim covers damage on a single panel up to the size of the Ding Shield card (2” X 3 1/2”), provided the paint has not been damaged.

How Many Repairs Are Covered By The Plan?
The plan will provide for an unlimited number of PDR Panel Repairs over the term of the contract.

How Long Does It Take To Remove A Dent Or Ding?
Dents and dings can often be repaired in a day or less, with a scheduled appointment.

How Do You Schedule A Repair?

Contact our Ding Shield claims center (800.458.7072) to schedule an appointment with a technician.

What Documentation Do I Need to Make a Claim?

To make a claim, you will need the Buyer Registration form.

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